Trends in Programming 2017

Programming Trends

Just like the world of fashion, the way programming stands in the market changes quicker than the seasons of the year. In the world of technology, science, math and precision rule over this seasons fad.

Programming is a profession entirely lacking trends. Programming tends to be driven primarily by efficiency, customization and ease of use. Emerging technologies that embrace one or more of these traits dominates the previous generations.

Programming takes the power of the masses into account, not a select board of governing figures.

What makes programming an ever-fascinating part of today’s world are the rapid changes, sudden u turns and engrossingly opinionated bravado that the industry takes.

The Ease of Pre-processing

Pre-processing is becoming more and more a way of life for software developers as opposed to full blown language stacking that employers would once hunt for in new staff. “Piggybacking” the work that comes before new code translates the new code into something old with a rich set of libraries and APIs, making life much easier. An example of this is CoffeeScrip, a pre-processor that lets JavaScript programmers code without the tedious “from scratch” approach of yesteryear.

Docker Containers

In a similar fashion Docker containers have become ever present where Hypervisors would once dominate. Docker is a development in virtualisation technology that provides an additional layer of abstraction and automisation of OS level virtualisation on both Windows and Linux platforms. Benefits are obvious, Docker containers are much smaller than virtual machine images making them much easier to use and deploy. Hypervisors do still have their place in the world, with many Docker containers running inside operating systems that run on top of Hypervisors. Many developers now ship only Docker containers thanks to the ease in which they can be juggled during their deployment.

The Demise of Video Tags

In the earlier days of the internet, video content had its dedicated place in the world of the web, living on its own dedicated pages. The demand for non-static content now means many websites include video as building blocks like static GIFs and JPGS. Designers have discovered that modern video tags are a decorating option everywhere on the web, just requiring more JavaScript code to control it. These have replaced static tags of old to add responsive, media rich content in our lives.

Dynamic App Development

The diversity of devices around us is ever apparent in the mobile world with a variety of OS platforms being hosted on an ever-larger scale of handset manufacturers. As a developer this can be dealt with by creating a number of mobile applications to support each platform, iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry and all of the other major players. The easier alternative is to create a HTML application that can run on all of the platforms. Changes can be easily dealt with and with the ever-evolving HTML layer that is becoming increasingly faster running on better chipsets the approach can be taken on more complicated interactive apps than ever.

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