Fully Autonomous Vehicles

Who is making it happen?

Chip maker Nvidia has recently mentioned an artificial intelligence system that is designed to support artificial intelligence technology that can provide fully autonomous vehicles.

How it works

Known as Pegasus, the news was unveiled last month, as well as a new artificial intelligence software development kit. The car is fully automated, with no need for any human input at all.

The “Drive PX” platform as it has been code named uses information from the vehicles cameras and sensors to produce a full 360-degree picture of its surroundings to make decisions.

When you will see it

Nvidia is in talks with numerous robo-based taxi companies that will start trailing the system next year, with public trials expected to start happening in 2019. Huang also announced a new SDK, Drive IX, which will allow developers to make applications to personalise the passenger experience, including allowing the car to use sensors inside and outside the vehicle to track eye and lip movements to understand words.


For better or for worse, AI is happening right in front of our eyes. The car of the future is no longer a machine that we control, more an AI that works for us. “The car becomes an AI” as Nvidia state. The SDK will be available from the end of 2017.



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