Software Defined Networking

Software Defined World

Software defined is an umbrella term describing how virtualization and abstracting workloads from the hardware it sits on top of can be used to make IT infrastructures more flexible. Software defined data centres make digital all elements of the data centre infrastructure including networking, storage and security are delivered as a service. A data centre […]
Fully Autonomous Vehicles

Fully Autonomous Vehicles

Who is making it happen? Chip maker Nvidia has recently mentioned an artificial intelligence system that is designed to support artificial intelligence technology that can provide fully autonomous vehicles. How it works Known as Pegasus, the news was unveiled last month, as well as a new artificial intelligence software development kit. The car is fully […]
Programming Trends

Trends in Programming 2017

Programming Trends Just like the world of fashion, the way programming stands in the market changes quicker than the seasons of the year. In the world of technology, science, math and precision rule over this seasons fad. Programming is a profession entirely lacking trends. Programming tends to be driven primarily by efficiency, customization and ease […]
Digital Age of Business

Transforming your business into the digital age

The world of business is changing by the second. Gone are the days of paper based systems that cut it. The digital age means that there are constant movements making every day processes more automated. Business is at the forefront of digital exploration in the workplace and industry in general. If a business doesn’t adapt […]